I just want to let you know that your site is currently going well for me! Please don't ever change it or charge it because a lot of people wouldn't be able to pay, including me. :( Stay strong, convinient, and free! Yours truly, Alexis Ordiz

Alexis Ordiz


thank you very much for your this site. it is very very useful and easy to entry here. and search is very fast and correct at a touch of finger. congrates.....



Great support, free service, easy navigation.

Margaret Donald


Finally a site with tree-like navigation and windows explorer skin! It's really easy to organize my notes! Thanks onlinenotez.com

Marry Bennett


“I have been using online notes organizers for the past three years, but onlinenotez.com is the only site that works great with my pda”

Jimmy Thomson


“Very useful site. Super easy to take notes and store online. Excellent support. Thank you”