• Online Notes Organizer

    Online Notes Organizer

    OnlineNOTEZ is a new generation notes organizer, entirely web based service accessible from anywhere. Now it is easy to create, store, edit and organize all your personal notes online. Get your FREE account today and join our vast online community!

  • SMS Online

    SMS Online

    OnlineNOTEZ is a resilient, ultra-fast SMS Sender providing access to 800+ operators around the globe. We have made sending a text a breeze. Our online texting service is so addictive, that you will soon forget about old ways of online text messaging.

  • User Friendly Interface

    User Friendly Interface

    Unlike other similar notes organizers,  OnlineNOTEZ is simple, easy-to-use and secure.  Familiar windows-explorer-like interface and tree-like directory structure will help you create unique notes no matter you are at home, in the office or on the road.

  • Super Low Prices

    Super Low Prices

    Every new user has more than a dozen absolutely free sms messages in her account. Only after you are convinces in our high quality sms service you can upgrade your balance. We aim to provide the best possible service at the lowest possible price. You can check our global sms rates by visiting http://www.websendsms.com/prices/

  • Notepad Based Web Editor

    Notepad Based Web Editor

    Fancy windows notepad? Well you have come to the right place. Out text editor is simple and very easy to use, ideal for quick notes taking. Mark your text as bold, italic or underline, scratch wherever needed and put bullets and numbering for better presentation.

  • Schedule Text Messages & Auto SMS

    Schedule Text Messages & Auto SMS

    Wish to send sms at a predetermined date and time in the future?  Piece of cake with our sms sender! Just tick “schedule” option in “Send SMS” tab and your text will be saved for later sending. Need recurring sms service? You can set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly periods.

  • Instant Sharing

    Instant Sharing

    Sharing notes in OnlineNOTEZ is a breeze. Send notes to anyone as emails or sms text massages. Privacy notes status can be set to public or private.  Your private notes can also be shared but only after you send unique note url.

  • SMS Reminder

    SMS Reminder

    Don’t forget anything anymore! Set sms reminders to help you manage your tasks more effectively. Never again forget to send best wishes to a friend on his birthday! Just write the text and save if for later sending. Our sms sender will make sure it gets there on time.

  • Quick Notes Search & Tags

    Quick Notes Search & Tags

    Have a lot of notes? Don’t have time to organize? Than search! With search bar option you can easily find what you are looking for in split second. Tags fan? Click on different tags to get quick access to any notes category.

  • Group SMS & Mass Texting

    Group SMS & Mass Texting

    Need to send a text to a group of people? We have made group texting fun! With just a few clicks you can send text message to unlimited number of people! Start by visiting “Send SMS” tab in your online account.

  • PDA optimized

    PDA optimized

    OnlineNOTEZ works great on PDAs, IPAD and all other tablets. You don’t need to download and install additional software in order to use full functionality of the site.

  • Address Book

    Address Book

    Store your friend’s personal details for fast and convenient daily use. Start typing a name when you share notes or send sms and integrated auto complete function will show you friend’s details.

  • Calendar Organizer

    Calendar Organizer

    Organize notes by dates. With our powerful calendar notes organizer you can save notes, wish lists, to-do notes for any specific date. Use this function and organize your entire daily schedule.

  • FREE delivery reports

    FREE delivery reports

    Get free notification when your text reaches its final destination. Check “view sent” link from your send sms account.