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Q1: How can I open an account?

A1: It is very easy and simple. Just fill the form in the home page and click sign up button. You need to enter your name and email, choose a username and password and click sign up button.


Q2: Is opening account FREE?

A2: YES, totally FREE!


Q3: Will I be charged later as in some web sites?

A3: No, you will not be charged!


Q4: Is there a premium version of this online notes organizer?

A4: No, our online notes organizer is absolutely FREE.


Q5:Do I have to fill my real name or can I use fake one?

A5: It is up to you, we do not share any personal information with third parties!


Q6:  Can I some screenshots of this online notes organizer before I register?

A6:  Yes, you can. Follow this link to see snapshots from user’s account interface or visit our “Take a tour” page.


Q7: Will I be able to find my notes easy after i start using this online notes organizer  ?

A7: Yes, you will be able to find your notes quickly. There is a search bar located on your left tops side after you log in to your online notes account.


Q8: OK, I am in. How can I create new note?

A8: Just go to “Create Note” link and start writing!


Q9: Where are my online notes saved?

A9: Your online notes are saved in directories and sub directories. You will be able to change destination folder any time by clicking on “Edit” icon next to note properties.


Q11: How can I change properties of my online notes?

A11: Easy. Just click on the note you wish to edit and then click on “Edit” icon on the right hand side of the note. On next page you will be able to edit text, title, change destination folder, change privacy settings (public, private, site) and add/replace/delete tags.


Q11: Should “tags” be separated by comma?

A11: Yes, they need  to be separated by commas.


Q12: Can I sort my online notes by name?

A12: Yes, you can.


Q13: Can I sort my online notes by date?

A13: Yes, you can.